Monday, April 13, 2009

Great Indian Festival of Democracy-2009

Great festival of democracy-2009 i.e. so called general election for parliament. Every voter in Indian parliamentary participants is thinking these days that whom they will vote and why. This is the one billion dollar question for every voter. But is it their vote to count that who will be winner of that particular constituency. Yes, they want to do to keep in the view that their vote will count to choose a better candidate.

No, if they already thought that their vote is not necessary to choose a better candidate. Every Indian voter should think in a positive way that their vote will be crucial one when vote will count for a winner. We should not forget when voting comes in parliament for vote of confidence than if ruling & opponent have the same no of parliamentarian than vote of lok sabha speaker will count as a final one that government will stay or go away. Because one proverb in Hindi is famous “BUND BUND KAR KE GHARA BHARTA HAI i.e. each drop can make full bucket of water”.

Casting of our vote in India is one of the fundamental rights to use. But who is the better candidate to caste your vote in favour. Sometimes back politician brings the woman candidate in election that election will be fair and uses of languages in parliament as well as in election rally will be better. But now these days all the women candidates or even so called high profile women politician are never know they are first a woman after that they are politician. In Indian context woman are always represents their softness and uses of better languages in daily life as well as in corporate/professional world. So, in my point of view woman should always keep their softness and better use of languages. It is not a matter where they are i.e. is it politics or professional world.

Come to the previous question, which is the better candidate. This is very tough to decide. Because each & every party has some good and bad candidate as well. Every party has some bad candidate because they thought those candidate are their assets. Sometime good candidate will not win the contest, but bad candidate will certainly win. Because in India if some candidate has money and power than they will win the election. Now these days every national leader is involve to attending the election rally and things in those rally what they are doing just saying the things what another leaders are doing and why they are wrong. They don’t want to say that what they will do for better India and why the people will caste their vote in theirs favour.

Now the time has been come to ask the leader why we have to caste our vote for you people and what types of agenda you have to bring the India back as “SONE KI CHIRIYA i.e. Bird of Gold”. Starting from the youth, we have to take part in this great festival of democracy and to be a part of making India a great again in world map.

Caste your vote, for your better future and celebrate the great festival of democracy and support “ABHI NAHI TO KABHI NAHI – JAB JAGO TABHI SAVERA i.e. Now or Never – Whenever woke up, it is morning”.


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